About Me

Hi, I am Lourdes Badillo. I study Computer Science at Tecnológico de Monterrey.
I love programming 💻, entrepreneurship 💡 and design 🎨.
I am interested in STEM 🚀, writing ✍ (I have a blog), and photography 📷.

Work Experience

Explorer Intern

Jun 2021 - Sep 2021

12 week internship where I had the opportunity to experience the SWE, D&I and PM roles.

Developed a chatbot using the Microsoft Bot Framework SDK and C# to display important information to employees across the Enterprise and Security team.

Software Developer Intern

Jun 2020 - Dec 2020

Worked on two projects:

  • Mexicovid: a data visualization tool that displays COVID-19 cases by state, municipality, and zip code in Mexico.
  • Expansión Urbana Monterrey: an informative website regarding the growth of the city of Monterrey and the implications it has for the whole country.



Class Project

Developed an app to help the organization Cáritas de Monterrey, to keep track of its visitors and to manage them better.
Developed a REST API using NodeJS and Express,where authorized personnel may add, modify, erase and visualize the app's data, which is stored in a MySQL database.


Class Project
C# (Unity)

Developed a game using Unity, with the objective of getting kids interested in STEM.
Developed a REST API using NodeJS and Express, in order to generate and show interesting graphs from the game's data, which is stored in a MySQL database.

Vital Signs Tracker

Class Project

Developed a prototype using Arduino, that allows users to record their oxygenation level and heart rate.
The information is stored in a MySQL database, which produces a dashboard that shows each user's statistics with Tableau.


Personal Project
React (Gatsby)

My goal is to have a space where I can share what I have learned with others.
I decided to build a blog with Gatsby, which uses React for rendering and GraphQL for data fetching. The site deploys to Netlify directly from GitHub.


Work Project

Data visualization tool, developed with React, that displays COVID-19 cases in Mexico. Worked with a multidisciplinary team of professors and students. I contributed mostly to the analysis and predictions of the pandemic section.

Expansión Urbana Monterrey

Work Project
HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Informative website regarding the growth of the city of Monterrey and the implications it has for the whole country.
I worked on the design and development of the website and on data visualization, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Ctrl Alt Tec

2018 - Present

Co-founded the first Hack Club (programming club) in Mexico, allowing students at Tec de Monterrey to become more involved in STEM.
I organize events, meetings, workshops and classes.

Microsoft Student Hackathon 2021

Oct 2021

My team and I won first place in the “Hack for education” category.
We worked on a series of lessons, using .NET Interactive, where we explain Computer Science fundamentals as we would have wanted to learn them.

Yolia - Education

Aug 2021 - Dec 2021

Worked with the organization Yolia, which offers young people at high social risk a place to live, eat and learn.
My team and I developed a website that generates math exercises for kids in primary school.

Microsoft Hackathon 2020

Jul 2020

Hackathon organized for all the students whose Microsoft internships got canceled due to COVID-19.
Developed a bot, using the Azure Bot Service, and integrated it on a website. My team won 2nd place.

Presentation at ITESM's Investigation Congress

Feb 2020

I was invited to present my research paper "Market segmentation through Big Data at Amazon" at my university's investigation congress.

Grupo Salinas Hackathon

August 2019

Developed a system that recognizes faces and emotions, with the purpose of analyzing patterns, helping retail managers make better decisions regarding customer experience.

Hackathon Mentor

Jul 2019

Mentored one of the finalist teams in "Reto Cuantrix", which is a national contest, organized by Fundación Televisa.
The team I mentored won the competition.

Creative Bootcamp

Jun 2019

Developed an app that allows artists to upload their paintings, so that users can visualize them using AR. Won a 2 week bootcamp in Guadalajara to keep working on the project and pitch to possible investors.


Sep 2017 – Apr 2019

I was part of the 3933 team, working on the programming sector (Java). As a volunteer, I helped organizing different events, including FLL and FTC.

Inc Mty

Nov 2017

Developed an app with two friends; we entered a contest and won the opportunity to pitch our project at INCmty, which is the largest entrepreneurship festival in Latin America.

Zero Robotics

Sep 2017 – Nov 2017

International high school programming competition organized by the MIT and NASA.
Programmed a SPHERE along with three classmates and achieved 2nd place nationally. (2D phase)